Specifying keyword parameters

Using keyword parameters

Keyword parameters are used to specify special processing for the document request. For a specific request, keywords may be either optional or required. The keyword parameters and values that are supported are dependent on the type of request.

Keyword parameters are placed at the end of the URL path following a ? (question) mark. The value for the keyword is place inside parenthesis.

Example using 1 keyword

http://server:port/URL-path?KWD(abc) where,
indicates a keyword parameter follows.
specifies a keyword parameter named KWD.
is the keyword value.

Example using 2 keywords

http://server:port/URL-path?KWD(123)+KWD2(456+7890) where,
indicates keyword parameters follow.
specifies a keyword parameter named KWD.
is the KWD keyword value.
is a space used to separate the keyword parameters. Note that a + (plus) sign is use to indicate spaces.
specifies a second keyword parameter named KWD2.
is the KWD2 keyword value. The plus sign is converted to a space by the server so the actual keyword value is "456 7890"