Web Server Commands

Web Server/400 Commands

There are a number of configuration and operation commands provided by the Web Server/400 product. They include commands to work with the server operations, as well as commands to work with, and modify, the configuration of the server. Menus are also provided for convenient access to the product commands.

All of the Web Server/400 command names contain WWW which stands for World Wide Web.

Operational Commands Include:

These commands perform the functions to allow operational use of the server, as well as discontinuing its availability.

Configuration Commands Include:

These commands change the functionality of the server, as well as default locations for the storage and retrieval of information, formats for the distribution of document information, content type and alias transposition information. The Commerce Server/400 commands are only available if the Commerce Server/400 product is installed.


Because they are configuration style commands, all Web Server/400 commands are secured to users who have *ALLOBJ special authority (e.g., QSECOFR or users with *SECOFR user class), making it impossible to casually modify the functionality of the server by unauthorized personnel.


Command menus are also available for convenient access to the Web Server/400 operational and configuration commands. The two menus are called CMDWWW and CMDWWWCFG. CMDWWW shows operational commands and CMDWWWCFG contains the configuration commands. They can be accessed by typing "GO MENU(CMDWWW)" or "GO MENU(CMDWWWCFG)" at an AS/400 command line and pressing the enter key.