Require User Authentication Configuration


Specifies which users are allowed to access documents via the method(s) in the enclosing limit section.

When evaluating a require, the server will use the current user and group files.


One or more entities to match for a require. If there is more than one entity for a require, the user name/password combination only needs to be valid for any one of the entities. Each entity can be one of:
Allows any user from the current user file (if they provide a valid password).
Allows any user with a user profile. This is only meant to be used in conjuction with a Webulator signon entry of UseAuthentication.
user ["comments"] user-name
Specifies that the user name/password combination must be correct for the user in user-name. The comments parameter is ignored by the server and may contain any information useful to you.

If this is used in a directory with a Webulator/400 signon of UseAuthentication, the user is expected to be a user profile and does not have to be listed in a user file.

group group-name
Specifies that the user name/password combination must be correct for any one of the users in group identified by group-name.
Allows any user access. This has the effect of turning off user authentication for the current limit section. Note that if any other require entries are combined with none, none will always take precedence.

Default If No Entry Found

If no require entry is found in a limit section, user authentication will not be used.

File Syntax

require entity [entity] ...

Multiple require entries may exist in the same limit section. If more than one require entry is found, they will be treated as though each entity were on the same require line.

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