Directory Section Start


Starts a directory section, which must be ended by the </Directory> directive. All directives inside a directory section apply to the current directory and subdirectories.


A path relative to the IFS root of the server. All directives inside this directory section will apply to the directory and all subdirectories. QSYS libraries are specified with a .lib extension. QSYS files are specified with a .file extension. For example, the WWWServ library would be specified as /WWWSERV.LIB.

In addition to normal IFS directories, you can specify meta objects. Meta objects are specified using /*META followed by the name of the meta object. An meta object does not represent anything within IFS, but another resource that Web Server/400 can serve, protect and/or configure. You do not need to create a /*META directory within IFS to configure or use meta objects. The following meta objects are supported:

Allows you to control access to spool files. This can be followed by a JobName to set authority for specific job names.

Following are two examples of directory section starts for spool files. The first example allows the setting of authority for all spool files. The second example allows the setting of authority for spool files created by DSP01,

<Directory /*META/SPLF>
<Directory /*META/SPLF/DSP01>
Allows you to control access to USF objects. This affects access when the browser requests a USF-URL Path. This does not affect access if the browser requests normal IFS access to information stored in USF areas.
Allows you to control access to dynamic server statistics. See Administration mode for more information about dynamic server statistics.
Allows you to control access to the administration mode main menu.
Allows you to configure Webulator/400.

Default If No Entry Found

There is no default for this directive

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File Syntax

<Directory Dir>

An unlimited number of directory sections may be specified in the directory based configuration file. Each directory section consists of a directory section start, followed by other directives, followed by a directory section end. Directory sections may not be nested (i.e. one directory section must be ended before another can be started).

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