Server User Profile


User profile that server jobs will run under. Care should be taken to ensure the user profile only has authority to desired system objects. All request processors for a port will run under the same user profile (which is saved when the server is started using the STRWWW command).

The user starting the server or additional request processors must have *USE authority to the server user profile. The server user profile must have at least *USE authority to the WWWDAEMON program in library WWWSERVER, to the server user profile's job description, and to the configured job queue (e.g., QSYS/QSYSNOMAX). The server user profile's configured job description determines the job queue to use when starting the server. The job queue must be setup to support multiple active jobs.

The server user profile must have create authority to the configured log libraries/directories and at least execute authority to the preceding directories. The server user profile also must be registered in the system directory in order to access Document Library Services (DLS) folders and documents.


Valid AS/400 user profile name that the server jobs will run under.

Default If No Entry Found


Command To Change This Value

File Syntax

UserProfile Profile

Only one entry may exist in the master server configuration file. If more than one entry is found, the last one will be used.

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