Index Header File Path


The name of the file which will be included at the head of the output of a dynamic index. The contents of the file will be included as part of the HTML data stream dynamically created as the first part of the document. This file should include plain text or HTML marked up text.


Name of the header file. If this file name contains a path with a leading slash, the same file will be used for all directories being indexed and will be relative to document root path.

If the file name does not include a path or includes a path without a leading slash, the file will be considered relative to the directory being indexed.

Note: Special rules apply to the resolution of the header within the QSYS file system. When a dynamic index of a library is being retrieved and the header file is configured to be a relative path, the header is found within the file name using the file name also as the member name. For example: the WWWSAMPLES library would have a "header" file with a member named "header" in order to include a header using the default configuration.

When retrieving the dynamic index view of a file within the QSYS file system, a member with the same name as the header file name will be resolved as the index header file.

Note that relative parent directories in the path of the header file are not allowed.

If this parameter is left blank, or the file cannot be retrieved due to authorization, host filtering or protocol conflicts (e.g. SSL vs. HTTP), no header will be attached to the directory index output.

Default If No Entry Found


Command To Change This Value

File Syntax

IndexHeaderFile HeaderFilename

Only one entry may exist in the master server configuration file. If more than one entry is found, the last one will be used.

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