Directory Based Configuration File Path


Specifies the location of the directory based configuration file.


Location of the directory based configuration file. If a leading slash is specified in the path, it will be treated as an absolute path name. If no leading slash is specified, it will be considered to be relative to Server root path.
A CCSID to use instead of the codepage associated with the file. This allows mixed byte data to be stored in this file, even though IFS does not support tagging files as mixed byte.

If this entry is missing, the server will not attempt to read a directory based configuration file and all hosts will be allowed access.

Default If No Entry Found

If there is no entry for this, the default will be blank.

Command To Change This Value

File Syntax

GlobalAccessCfgFile File CCSID

Only one entry may exist in the master server configuration file. If more than one entry is found, the last one will be used.

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