Allows you to override the codepage associated with IFS files with a CCSID. This allows you to support mixed byte files and to override incorrect code pages.


This is the CCSID to use when serving files through Web Server/400. In addition to any valid CCSID, this can be 0 (use the file's associated codepage) or NoConvert (don't convert the file at all before sending it out).

Default If No Entry Found

If there is no entry, all files will be treated as if they are in CCSID 819. This is equivalent to ISO-8859-1, the standard specified for HTTP 1.0.

Command To Change This Value

File Syntax


This directive is only valid within a directory section in the directory based configuration file

Multiple entries may exist in a directory section. If multiple entries exist, the last entry that matches a given file will be used.

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