Add Description


Specifies a dynamic indexing description for a file specification.

Note that descriptions may or may not be displayed depending on the value of Index style in the master server configuration file. If a document includes a HTML title and the server is configured to look for it, that will override any description specified through AddDescription.


A text description in double-quotes (") to use whenever FileSpec is matched.
A file specification that may contain the wild-card characters '?' and '*'. If the file specification is a dot followed by an extension, the server will interpret it as if it has a leading '*' (e.g. '.abc' will be interpreted as '*.abc').

Default If No Entry Found

There is no default for this directive.

File Syntax

AddDescription "Description" FileSpec

This directive is only valid within a directory section in the directory based configuration file

Multiple entries may exist in a directory section. If multiple entries exist, the last entry that matches a given file will be used.

Entries apply to all matching files in the directory specified by the directory section start and all subdirectories. If a given file matches entries in two or more directory sections, the lowest subdirectory will override higher directories.

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