Error Log

The error logging facility is used by the Webmaster to determine what web server errors are occurring on the system. These errors may include, but are not limited to system errors, TCP/IP errors, and programming errors.

The error log has two different formats. The format used is dependent upon the file system the log is configured for. For every file system other than the QSYS file system the log file is a text file. Within the QSYS file system the log entries are stored within a multiple field data base file. The Error Log Filename configuration value is used to configure the error log file.

There are three levels of logging: Error, Warning, Informational. The Error level of logging is the most severe level of the three with the Informational level being the least severe. The WebMaster has the ability to indicate what level of error messages to be placed in the error log file through the configuration value Error Log Level.

These messages are most often messages that need to be addressed.
These messages are possible areas to be aware of.
These messages are pieces of information that may help your server run smoother, but may not be a major concern.

The following is the format of the error log text file entries:

[day-of-week month day time year] Program name reporting error: Level of error message: Error message text

The following is the list of the fields, in their respective order, included within a data base error log file entry:

Date (8 characters)
This is the date when the error occurred. The format of this field is "YYYYMMDD"
Time (6 characters)
This is the time when the error occurred. The format of this field is "HHMMSS"
Program name reporting the error (10 characters)
The name of the program reporting the error. The Web Server/400 product ships multiple programs with the product. This name is used to determine which program the error occurred within.
Error level (2 characters)
The level of the error log entry. The valid values are 10 (indicating an informational message), 30 (indicating a warning message) or 40 (indicating an error message).
Error message text (512 characters)
The error message text.

The Server User Profile requires Read, Write and eXecute authorities for the directory containing the error log file.