WRKWWWMAP - Work with WWW Image Map

The image mapping feature of Web Server/400 allows a user to map parts of an image to documents. When the user clicks on different areas of the image with the browser, the user will be redirected to a document appropriate to that part of the image.

When describing the areas of the image, you can use shapes such as circles, polygons and rectangles. A user can also specify points, with the nearest point being used to pick a document. A default can be specified, which is used when no other match is made.

This command allows you to set up global image mapping to find the image mapping map file (map file) that corresponds to a map name. This information is stored in an image map file entry.

Each non-comment line in the file defines a map name and the map file that corresponds to it. The map name is followed by the map file. The map name is case-sensitive. The map file should contain a path that is not relative.

This command, with the ADDWWWMAP, CHGWWWMAP, and DLTWWWMAP commands, allow you to view and maintain the list of image maps and their file values.

The parameters associated with the WRKWWWMAP command are:

Authorizing a User to WRKWWWMAP, and Other Related Commands

A user that does not have *ALLOBJ special authority must be authorized as follows to run the WRKWWWMAP command: