WRKWWWINCL - Work with WWW Include Library

Only libraries included in the Include Libraries list can be accessed by a URL that points into the QSYS file system. This command allows you to set the contents of this list, allowing you to make contents of your application libraries available to the WWW.

The parameters associated with the WRKWWWINCL command are:
In addition to the WRKWWWINCL command, the ADDWWWINCL and CHGWWWINCL commands are also available. They are used specifically by the WRKWWWINCL command and are fairly complex. Use of these commands should be limited to situations when the WRKWWWINCL command cannot be used.

Authorizing a User to WRKWWWINCL, and Other Related Commands

A user that does not have *ALLOBJ special authority must be authorized as follows to run the WRKWWWINCL command: