ORIGVAL - Original value

When working with entries in the Web Server/400 configuration files using a manual editor, it is possible to simply type over the contents of the file to affect the changes desired. Some Web Server/400 values associated with include libraries, index icons, and script libraries do not provide a modification key for the CHGWWW... commands. This is because of the possibility of duplication of most of the data in the value with other values. This parameter allows you to specify the original value for the configuration line you wish to modify, telling the command which line to update in the file.

The possible values for this parameter are:
While the ORIGVAL parameter is available for your use on many CHGWWW... commands, it is used specifically by the WRKWWWINCL, WRKWWWICON, and WRKWWWSCPL commands and is fairly complex. Use of the change commands should be limited to situations when the WRKWWWINCL, WRKWWWICON, and WRKWWWSCPL commands cannot be used.