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The dynamics of healthcare continue to change with the implementation of the electronic medical record. With Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions, hospitals can enhance automation, improve the availability of patient information, increase collaboration, and augment the integration of clinical data across the patient care continuum.

Most important is the ability to seamlessly adopt an electronic medical record system with minimal impact to the patient care experience and your healthcare teamís ability to provide the highest standards of patient care. Working together with your hospital team, a strong project manager can provide a smooth, manageable, cost-effective transition to a fully digital workflow.


In business, specific challenges are often all too apparent, but the most practical solution is not nearly as obvious. Time after time, I/NET has combined vision and technology to provide effective solutions.


I/NET has been providing highly innovative technology solutions to organizations of all types and sizes for more than 20 years. Throughout our history, I/NET has developed technologies in advance of the rest of the market. But we've also implemented practical applications of these cutting-edge technologies — from digital imaging to conversational interfaces.


Though we've often worked behind the scenes, I/NET has a long history of developing technology firsts. We developed:

  • The first commercial digital imaging to bring digital pictures to analog computer screens — used over 15 years for online posting of real-estate listings
  • The enhanced imaging system for the early IPACS system for transmission and storage of digital X-rays
  • A commercial voice recognition system for pathology reporting
  • ADSTAR for automated document storage and retrieval
  • Internet server technology for the IBM AS/400 that's still in use worldwide because of reliability and durability that's rare in the software world

Today, we're moving state-of-the-art natural language into real-world applications, using our proprietary conversational interface technology. Developed and refined over several years, under contract to NASA, we are now offering the technology and products for wider applications.

We invite you to explore the products, people, and technology behind the business of I/NET.


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