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Conversational interface technology

The latest technology innovation developed by I/NET, conversational interfaces provide a natural way for people to interact with computers and other devices — and for these devices to interact with people.

While a speech recognition engines serve as the sensory input to a conversational interface (CI), simple voice or speech recognition is not nearly as flexible or sophisticated without the contextual language framework I/NET provides. CI is also much easier to use, and simplifies the work of building more sophisticated interfaces.

I/NET products work with all leading voice-recognition engines but our products take natural language to the next step and beyond — adding intelligence by providing the context that's crucial to the way people use language. CI also works equally well with text or chat interfaces — enabling you to automate natural text-based interactions.

Embedded CI Toolkit

I/NET's Embedded CI Toolkit is a conversational interface system for JavaTM environments. Designed initially for the automotive telematics market, the toolkit is a valuable addition to any embedded system where voice can add value, and can be used with Java Standard and Micro editions. It's very portable across platforms including pocket PCs, PDAs, and cell phones.

Windows CI Toolkit

Easy to use in VisualBasic and C++ on Windows® platforms, this dynamic link library is ideal for standalone applications, and is the basis for the I/NET Phone Automation Manager.

Converse Server

The I/NET Converse Server allows you to easily deploy natural language applications over the Web for an automated chat interface. Or use it over the telephone, and with a variety of handheld devices — and provide identical user interfaces over all these media, simplifying application design and standardizing the user experience. Converse Server provides a standalone server application with built-in HTML, VoiceXML, WAP, Instant Messaging, and remote XML interfaces.

Develop your own conversational solution

Using these conversational interface (CI) toolkits you can develop your own natural language solutions or our professional services staff can work with you to customize an application to suit your particular needs.


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